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How to Grow Your Influencer Business Without a Manager

We use software & talent management
to increase your revenue as a creator.

Most influencers work an awful lot
for no money.

❌Lost on where to focus their energy
❌Pushing penny affiliate links
❌Pitching to brands with no consistency

what you don't need

To grow, you don’t need a talent manager to take 25% of your revenue.

So many creators blame their lack of revenue on not having a manager. They believe that with a talent manager, all of a sudden, they'll be making thousands of dollars a month.

what you do need

You do need expert, strategic help to guide your monetization strategy.

❌You feel like you’re held back from making more money because you lack direction and focus 

❌Your revenue is extremely inconsistent - some months it's $0; others a few thousand

❌You feel like you need expert help - but don't have the $ to afford hefty commission fees

❌You feel like you try the "shiny object" trend and it never seems to work out

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over
& expecting different results.

❌You're confused on where to spend your time
❌You feel like each month you're starting from scratch
❌You have no consistent income or money strategy

Kalypso is a suite of influencer tools.


Brand Deal Reporting

Impress brand partners with Instagram, YouTube, and Google Analytics insights that build trust and show proven results.


Monetization Meetings

You meet with your talent manager 1x/month for 45 minutes over Zoom - creating a custom action plan for next month.

custom for you

Revenue & Brand Deal Trackers

Work alongside a talent manager with our signature revenue strategy previously only for high-profile managed talent.

BEFORE kalypso

You're definitely not seeing enough money.

‣ You're working a LOT and not seeing enough money roll in
‣ You're duct-taping together courses, free downloads, with no real expert help
‣ You're watching other creators grow with no clue on how they're doing it

After Kalypso

You have confidence and clarity on a strategic monetization plan.

‣ You know exactly how your brand campaigns are performing and have confidence over your numbers
‣ You have a powerful action plan each month with accountability
‣We connect you with brands based on your past campaign results

WHat you get

Like most creators, you need strategic help but don’t want to give away 25% of your revenue.


Review Potential,
In Progress, & Finalized Brand Deals

✅We'll work through every aspect of your monetization.

Establish next month's revenue goals

✅We'll set revenue targets for the next month and develop a monetization action plan.

Monthly 45-Min Zoom Call

✅You meet with an expert talent manager once a month, every month.

Optimize Revenue

✅We'll strategize on your pricing, what's working with pitching, applying on networks, etc.

Review 15 brands to
pitch to

✅We'll also hand select 15 brands for you to pitch to with direct contact info.

what you get

Not All Platforms Are Measured The Same

From the short-term shelf life of an Instagram Story to the long-term value of a trending YouTube video, Kalypso builds powerful data visualizations to show all the results of your campaign.


Dive into the Instagram metrics that matter - specifically for your follower count.



Show the long-term estimated value of video campaigns and product features on YouTube.

long-term value

Blog Post

Illustrate the value of evergreen, long-term organic traffic and high search rankings.

Money isn't everything -
but it sure does help when you're trying to live.

We watched way too many talented creators struggle to make ends meet - even though they had HUGE potential to make money -
which is why we're pasisonate about working closely with micro influencers to help them monetize.

years experience
influencer campaigns
highest paid brand deal
meeting slots/month
what you get

More Knowledge, More Revenue

Influencer life gets easier and more profitable when you confidently report to brands at the end of a campaign.

Safe and Secure

Preferred technology partners of Instagram and Google. Your account data is safe and secured.

Verified and Trusted

Third-party data verification to ensure your metrics are always accurate.

Industry Standard

More than just the basics, we'll give you insights on how your content performs compared to industry standard values.

Smart Explanations

Always explaining what numbers matter and why for your education.

Valuable Metrics

All metrics aren’t created equal - we created properitary equations to weigh active engagement differently.

Knowledge is Power

The basics plus a layer of PR insights. When you’re confident about what you were delivering to a brand, your revenue increases.

Simple Pricing

Fits With Your Budget

A suite of influencer tools to grow your business.

per month
Unlimited Campaign Reporting
Monthly Monetization Meeting
Revenue & Brand Deal Trackers
Expert strategic guidance
Unique influencer tools
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What creators like you say about Kalypso

"I feel more professional & confident about the rates I charge because I now have stats to back me up."
“Brands have been obsessed with my transparency & proactivity of reporting results."
Theresa Mason
“I'm able to focus on what I love - creating content and building long-term relationships with brands.”
Youtube creator

So, exactly what is Kalypso?

Kalypso is a software platform - 1) you can self-build individual dashboards, aggregating your metrics form Instagram/Stories, Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics, and more to create a comprehensive overview of how a brand campaign performed. 2) With a human element, you also work once a month with a talent manager to review your revenue, brand deals, affiliate income, and quarterly money goals. 

Do you pitch and negotiate for me?

No - we do not take a percentage or commission from your revenue.

What platforms does the reporting support?

Instagram/Instagram Stories, YouTube, Google Analytics, Facebook.

Am I locked into a contract?

No - subscription simple, easy to cancel, and is month-to-month.

Is it time-consuming to get set up?

Nope - connect your social accounts. Create your first campaign. Then, set up your first meeting with us and we'll go from there!

How are you different from others?

There is nothing available for micro influencers who want strategic expert help on monetization but don't want to pay thousands to a talent manager.
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