You're overwhelmed with reporting on your
brand deals.

But you want still want to cultivate the best relationship with brands and get back to doing what you love - creating content.

It takes more than a perfect Instagram preset to make brands obsessed with you.

After working with hundreds of influencers from hundreds to millions of subscribers and followers, we know creators have never-ending to-do lists....

...and providing analytics for brand deals often falls at the top of that list in terms of importance...but bottom of the list when it comes to actually getting done.

Influencers spend hours manually screenshooting results on various social media platforms - it's inefficient, time-consuming, and ends up being a mess of photos.

With Kalypso, we aim to empower creators to confidently report on their brand campaigns - understanding if their numbers are good or bad, provide CMO-level data to brands, and overall, create better relationships with companies.

Learn why we do what we do
Katherine is a PR and influencer marketing strategist. Starting her career in PR running the marketing department of a multi-million dollar tech startup to working as the Director of Marketing for HGTV's Property Brothers, Katherine has worked with household name brands, celebrity creators, and more.

Now, she is the founder of Kalypso, a new brand deal reporting platform for influencers, aiming to help creators land more campaigns and build better relationships with brands. So much so that she launched her own influencer marketing business that included a podcast, Swipe Up, that was ranked by Entrepreneur as the #2 Inspiring Female Entrepreneurial Podcast.

She's managed hundreds of thousands in marketing budgets for influencers, social media ad spend, and more.
“More than ever, influencers need to maintain profitable brand partnerships.”
Katherine, Founder
Our Mission

Helping creators build their dream influence

Our mission is to help influencers build their dream influence - by making more money from working with brands and confidently executing on campaigns.

Katherine McDermott
Meet the Makers

Our Amazing Team

Shhh, we don't have a major team - and we also don't know how to hide this section without deleting it forever; and we want it in the future!

Katherine McDermott

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